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40 Minutes


El Yucateco

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1 brick of el yucateco annatto/achiote paste (3.5oz.)

2.2 lb of pork’s leg boiled and shredded

1 cup orange juice

¼ cup vinegar

2 teaspoons lime juice

¼ cup chopped onion

1 teaspoon salt

1 garlic clove

1 spoon vegetable oil

2 cups broth where the meat was boiled

1 cup pig’s lard


1. Place the annatto paste, the orange juice, vinegar, lime juice, the onion, the salt and the garlic clove in the blender and mix well.

2. Heat the oil, add the mixture, let it fry for three minutes, pour the meat’s broth and let it boil for ten minutes, add the meat and let it all boil ( if necessary add a little bit of water or broth). Remove it from the pot, and in the same pot melt the lard until it smokes a little, transfer the meat to the pot and let it fry for at least ten minutes. Serve with beans and red onion.